Our mission

AMPLIFIR is a technology company changing the landscape of investor communication. We help our clients transform their investor relations to be more connected, insightful and reliable.

It's time for a change

we're bringing ir out of 1980


AMPLIFIR brings a modern, data-driven approach to investor marketing and revolves around a single methodology: YOU are the expert and you should be the one telling your brands' story. Period. 

We believe in phone calls with qualified leads and investors at the perfect moment. We believe in advertising campaigns with spends you control that drive quality traffic, not just numbers. We believe in owning your own contacts and total control.

Transparency, control and predictable performance. That's what AMPLIFIR is all about. Our tagline says it all: IR that works.

Built from the bottom, up


Take Intelligent Actions & Look Good

The parts you, your investors and your leads see. Professional marketing, advanced automation and lead tracking within your CRM keep you telling your story to the right people.

AMPLIFIR Intelligence

AMPLIFIR Intelligence is our core software that powers everything we do.


The AMPLIFIR cloud based infrastructure means our data is accurate, fast, available everywhere and most importantly - secure.


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We're changing the game.

Why clients stick with amplifir

Relationship-based connections only

Reliable lead generation and automated qualifying

Disconnected IR and marketing

Deeply integrated marketing and IR

Gut-feeling decisions and forecasting

Predictable performance and data-informed decision making

Infrequent indecipherable reports from contractors

Real-time, live reporting with insights and alerts

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