Power at your fingertips

AMPLIFIR Intelligence reporting gives you a view into your company like you’ve never seen before.

Easy insights

All the essential info and expert insights to keep your team on track

Data, your way

Visualizations and intelligent alerts, customized to your goals

track the trends

All the info you need, in one place

data with a different view

Easy insights


AMPLIFIR Intelligence brings your financial data and investor relations efforts together. Identify wins and losses as they happen, prioritize the biggest opportunities, and make adjustments on the fly.

Access, anywhere
From a conference room screen to a mobile device, the data is shared everywhere, always. Monitor on the go, so you can adapt faster.

Always up-to-date
Make meetings more interactive and prove value by displaying a real-time feed to stakeholders and board members. Farewell, spreadsheets!


Keep anyone accountable
Keep your team accountable to your common goals. Track efforts of contractors and prove ROI, live.


completely customizable

your way


Tell us what problems you want to solve, and we’ll make it work. A data specialist will set up AMPLIFIR Intelligence based on what you’re looking to measure and see. You’ll never be left in the dark.

Custom calculations
Display simple info like conversation ratio of leads to shareholders, or something more complicated like SMA ratio with your own financial data.

Set goals and alerts
Never wait until the end of a quarter to find out if you’ve reached your goal. We’ll set metric thresholds, so you’ll receive alerts as they happen.


See it your way
Want to see a heat map showing where your leads spend most of their time on your website? Coming right up. We’ll set up visuals just the way you like it.


Not just data, insights

track the trends

A laundry list of numbers isn’t helpful to your team unless they know how to act on them and what they mean. The data we provide helps your team make better decisions, driving spending to the right places.

Insights for everyone
Measure and quantify your successes with insights displayed in a way any team member can understand, with annotations

made by data specialists.

See what’s working, fix what’s not
Stop a runaway ad spend before it’s too late. We’ll track the value of all your IR efforts, saving you some extra gold.


Keep an eye on the competition
Know how you stack up against peers in your sector with a variety of metrics.


Bring it all together with AMPLIFIR


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